We have taped our first DVD, a mule deer hunt in Central Montana, and got several booner bucks on tape (not on the ground), along with Jacob and Ed taking respectable bucks as well. We have edited most of the footage, but have delayed production to allow for time to get more footage. We originally were going to do a weekly outdoor show, but Lazarus Log Homes has boomed, and doubled every year for 5 years, so this is a major backburner! Glen and Thor both went to Africa, and most of their animals made book. Carrie will go with Glen this year!

A respectable 5x6 Mule deer. Glen has taken many larger, but this deer is a good specimen for the area.. Two shots with the 300 mag at 450 and 525 yards both in the chest, while he was running! I think there was some luck involved! We saw 16 bucks by 9:30 that morning.

A decent 5x4 Mule deer. Two shots with the 25-06 at 200 yards in a lot of wind, deep in a coulie. Carrie has taken some nice animals, one deer much bigger than this.

A Pope and Young antelope without a blind, stalked on the grass and lung shot at 60 yards.

A Booner antelope taken at 350 yards with the 25-06, 16" and heavy. She has shot two larger than Glen's best. Luck! No, she is an awesome shot too, and patient. Missed a heavy 17" with her bow that wouldda couldda been a World record!

A big bull Glen had prayed for. Scores over 340, and has a broken tine as well as a weak back, but a world class front with 19" brow tines, and 25" 2nds! An unbelievable body size, biggest we have ever seen, dead or alive. Moose size. 2 days, 7 miles round trip, 3 people and blood and sweat to get him out. Hippie haircut days are over!

Carrie got lucky again and nuked a real hog. She initially hit this buck at 25 yards, then sprayed lead all over the hillside as it ran away, finally hitting it with the fatal shot, and had it run back down the hill at her, dying about 50 yards away! She was so excited, she was just after a meat buck, yet missed a nice whitetail earlier in the same day, her birthday! She was good at snagging a buck in the rut when she found me!

Glen is caping out a Montana mulie he shot last year, holding out for a booner, then taking this one on the last weekend, boned and packed him and the cape over a mountain 3 miles on Thanksgiving, and still had the turkey day meal! Two shots at 275 to 300 yards, miss him on the run, then he stopped and took one through the lungs with 180 grains of Barnes X going about 3200 fps.

A nice Cinnamon bear taken with one shot in the lungs, we retrieved the bear in a canoe in the dark, and almost lost it in the river with a nasty ride back! A beaver dropped a tree across the river between the time we went upstream to get it, and without a few seconds to spare and a good flashlight, we would very possibly be dead.

Jacob finally connected with one shot at 200 yards with his 30-06 on a decent buck He missed 9 different 5x5 deer the year before last, some were hard shots at big running deer, and he was young. Some were so big he got buck fever! He did get a 3 point muley that was great eating his first year! He also got his first elk as well. Way to go, Jacob! Grandpa  Ed is congratulating him on his fine shot. 77 and he drug out his own last year! He is a decendant of Viking kings.

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