A respectable 5x6 Mule deer. Glen has taken many larger, but this deer is a good specimen for the area.. Two shots with the 300 mag at 450 and 525 yards both in the chest, while he was running! I think there was some luck involved! We saw 16 bucks by 9:30 that morning.

A Pope and Young antelope without a blind, stalked on the grass and lung shot at 60 yards.

A big bull Glen had prayed for. Scores over 340, and has a broken tine as well as a weak back, but a world class front with 19" brow tines, and 25" 2nds! An unbelievable body size, biggest we have ever seen, dead or alive. Moose size. 2 days, 7 miles round trip, 3 people and blood and sweat to get him out. Hippie haircut days are over!

Grandpa ED (Glen's dad) is really a hunter too. He has collected many a trophy, including these here. He is 81 and still hunting! Norwegians never die, they just help animals do it.

Jacob got a real heavy mule deer. He was over 300 lbs, 8" bases. Kind of regressed horns, but hey, it was a huge deer! It took Glen and Jacob most of the day to get him off the mountain. He is getting strong. 6'2" and 175 already at 18.

Kaleb tipped over a nice cow at about 600 yards. I don't know how he hit it, and when we found it standing in some brush, he dropped it at about 10 feet to the surprise of us all!

Kaleb got a decent 4x4 muley, and a great shot with no rest at over 300 yards. Great job, Kaleb!!!

A decent 5x4 Mule deer. Two shots with the 25-06 at 200 yards in a lot of wind, deep in a coulie. Carrie has taken some nice animals, one deer much bigger than this.

A Booner antelope taken at 350 yards with the 25-06, 16" and heavy. She has shot two larger than Glen's best. Luck! No, she is an awesome shot too, and patient. Missed a heavy 17" with her bow that wouldda couldda been a World record!

A nice Cinnamon bear taken with one shot in the lungs, we retrieved the bear in a canoe in the dark, and almost lost it in the river with a nasty ride back! A beaver dropped a tree across the river between the time we went upstream to get it, and without a few seconds to spare and a good flashlight, we would very possibly be dead.

Carrie got lucky and got a monster muley 5x7 that was really heavy and wide. 25-06 at 25 yards. WOW. He was rutting so heavy I think he only saw the doe.

Kaleb dropped this nice antelope, his first of two nice bucks in two years. Over 350 yards, and I told him to hold into the wind almost two feet, and he made a perfect lung shot! A chip off the old block!

Glen got this super heavy muley. Look close at the body size. Glen is over 200. That deer probably was 325 dressed. One side is Boone and Crockett, the other side forked late on the back, so he did not make it. This deer has 4" brow tines. Like a whitetail! A trophy in any book.

Glen went to Africa in '06. He got some huge trophies, most making the record book, and take a look at them!!! Glen met Rufus Luttig there, a Rancher, Professional Hunter (now) and all around amazing guy. I think Glen and Rufus are going to be lifelong friends. They acted like brothers and share the love for the outdoors, as well as God. If you ever want to go to Africa, get a super hunt, and get changed, Call Glen at 406-862-4694 and he will get you the information to do what he did. Hunts are not much more than one animal right here in the US or Canada, and you get several trophies! Flights are only about 1500, and they pick you up at the airport! Hunts for 5 animals start about 3000!

Box 671 Whitefish, MT 59937  406-862-4694